Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baile Con Sus Favoritas - 1988

I've been excited about this record for weeks now. This is one of those "find" records. I picked is up for the ridiculous album cover. I had hopes from some good cheesy music as well. I see what I think looks like movie posters and I thought, maybe this will be some kind of Latin disco music from some movies or something. As it turns out I still don't know if any of these songs are from films, but the music is not cheesy disco. It is actually some good Latin music that to my ignorant ears sounds a little more traditional. I don't know anything about these artists, but I can say that I like quite a few of the Latin Brothers and Sonora Dinamita songs. I like "Sobre La Olas", "El Carretero", "La Conga", "Las Caleñas", Lindo Maridito", "El Caminante", "La Vaca Vieja" and "La Perra". There is also music from Fruko Y Sus Tesos and I don't know much about them either. I can say I tend to not favor their numbers as much. I don't understand a word but I can say the music is very enjoyable.

If anyone has any information or input on any of this music I'd love to hear it. If not then just have fun with these selections.


01 Sobre Las Olas - Latin Brothers.m4a
02 Charanga Campesina - Fruko Y Sus Tesos.m4a
03 El Carretero - Latin Brothers.m4a
04 La Conga - Sonora Dimanita.m4a
05 Pegaso - Latin Brothers.m4a
06 El Patillero - Fruko Y Sus Tesos.m4a
07 Todo Lo Que Tengo Es Tuyo - Sonora Dinamita.m4a
08 Las Caleñas - Latin Brothers.m4a
09 Lindo Maridito - Sonora Dinamita.m4a
10 Como Suenan Los Cueros - Fruko Y Sus Tesos.m4a
11 Cuando Calienta El Sol - Sonora Dinamita.m4a
12 El Caminante - Fruko Y Sus Tesos.m4a
13 La Vaca Vieja - Sonora Dinamita.m4a
14 Los Characos - Latin Brothers.m4a
15 Que Me Coma El Tigre - Latin Brothers.m4a
16 La Perra - Sonora Dinamita.m4a

Baile Con Sus Favoritas
Baile Con Sus Favoritas

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