Friday, August 15, 2008

Run DMC - You Be Illin' 12" - 1984

Yeah that's right, Run DMC. I know there were earlier rappers and many of them get the titles of godfathers or rap or some other nonsense, but let's face it, it was these guys who really deserve the title. These guys wrote raps that were so good. So memorable. And they did that crossover thing that really no other act could do. I'm not talking "Walk This Way", though that certainly cemented their crossover appeal, just about everything they did worked as a pop song. They didn't just ramble on with 8 minute dance rap records. They were writing pop rap tunes, which no one was really doing. These guys set the blueprint for everybody that followed. I'm sure that could be a controversial statement and someone is going to strongly disagree with me, but that is fine. All I know is that I had been listening to rap since the early 80's. Grandmaster Flash and the ilk, but it wasn't until Run DMC where I was remembering the raps and I don't mean I remembered them after sitting down and memorizing them. They just wrote memorable lyrics/raps that just got into your head. True talents. True artist. True pioneers.


01 You Be Illin' (Remix).mp3
02 Hit It Run.mp3
03 You Be Illin' (Instrumental).mp3

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