Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind 12" - 1988

Pet Shop boys are one of those acts where sometimes I can totally dig on the disco vibe and get into them and then there are other times I just can't. I don't think I can explain why. In fat there aren't too many groups that I have that sort of response to. Sometimes I listen and think everything sounds the same and is kind of bland. Other times I find that sort of calming disco very appealing. It all seems super lush and hypnotic.

Here they take a wonderfully emotional ballad and give it the Pet Shop boys synth dance treatment. I do enjoy listening to this one from time to time. The fact that the lyrics are so good don't hurt things. By the way if you want to hear a great version of "Always On My Mind" I suggest Willie Nelson's version. Simply sublime.


01 Always On My Mind.mp3
02 Always On My Mind.mp3
03 Do I Have To?.mp3

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