Saturday, August 16, 2008

Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle 12" - 1986

Janet Jackson's "Control" and "Rhythm Nation" are amazing records. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have some of the finest production work on those records. If you haven't done so recently seek out those records and listen to them from start to finish with some head phones and drown yourself in the glorious textures and rhythms.

"Rhythm Nation" in particular is kind of mind blowing. It seems so ahead of it's time and still just sounds great.

This 12 inch club record was from "Control" in 1986 and has some fun tracks sure to keep the dance floor grooving at any serious 80's dance party. Have fun the the other tracks making your own mashups. Some day I will venture into that world, but for now I'll leave that to those with more time on their hands.


01 The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal).m4a
02 The Pleasure Principle (A Cappella).m4a
03 The Pleasure Principle (12" Dub).m4a
04 The Pleasure Principle (7" Vocal).m4a


born2blog00958 said...

i don't see any download links....

Spencer said...

Send me an e-mail and I'll send you the links. I disable them after a month or so.

born2blog00958 said...

oh, it's ok. I have them now; but thank you. Visit my blog about janet: