Monday, August 4, 2008

Anything Goes: Lincoln Center Theater Recording - 1988

I've already posted another record of songs from Anything Goes. If you haven't seen a production of this musical, do yourself a favor and do. It is fun in the classic American musical theater tradition and it's Cole Porter. How can you go wrong. Just look at the track listing. There is just great song after great song all in this one production. Unbelievable.

This was a record from the 80's and has a great cast and the production is top notch as well. I'm sure this is on CD or available for download somewhere as well. It is too good not to be.


01 Prelude.m4a
02 I Get A Kick Out Of You.m4a
03 There's No Cure Like Travel.m4a
04 Bon Voyage.m4a
05 You're The Top.m4a
06 Easy To Love.m4a
07 I Want To Row On The Crew.m4a
08 Sailor's Chantey.m4a
09 Friendship.m4a
10 It's De-lovely.m4a
11 Anything Goes.m4a
12 Entr'Acte.m4a
13 Public Enemy Number One.m4a
14 Blow, Gabriel, Blow.m4a
15 Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye.m4a
16 Be Like The Bluebird.m4a
17 All Through The Night.m4a
18 The Gypsy In Me.m4a
19 Buddie, Beware.m4a
20 I Get A Kick Out Of You_Anything Goes (Reprise).m4a

Anything Goes (1988 Lincoln Center Theater Recording) (Vinyl).zip


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