Thursday, August 28, 2008

Triumph - Allied Forces - 1981

This is one of the earliest records I picked up when I started buying used vinyl a few years back. It was also one of the first things I digitized when I started ripping vinyl. It seems like these guys have been forgotten by the mainstream classic rock outlets. Triumph was so great back in the day. "Magic Power" and "Fight The Good Fight" and so incredibly perfect rock songs. If you are of the younger generation and have not heard these song, please stop reading now and download these songs and give them a listen immediately. As a side note I think that "Fight The Good Fight" was used on TV commercials in Chicago for WLUP (The Loop). If it wasn't the Loop then it was WMET. Which ever one it was, for me that opening guitar riff was like the theme song for classic rock. Triumph had another good release with "Never Surrender" but this is my favorite. This was the transition between being a prog rock band to a more mainstream band. They had more mainstream success with "Never Surrender", but to me this is their crowning achievement. It is just great guitar rock. I love it. I love it. I love it.


01 Fool For Your Love.m4a
02 Magic Power.m4a
03 Air Raid.m4a
04 Allied Forced.m4a
05 Hot Time (In This City Tonight).m4a
06 Fight The Good Fight.m4a
07 Ordinary Man.m4a
08 Petite Etude.m4a
09 Say Goodbye.m4a

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Matracas said...

Triumph was always "under the radar" since they had few music videos and radio stations didn't play them that much. But I agree, they were an excellent band and have very memorable songs. Follow your heart came a long a few years later from their "Thunder 7" album which I also liked.

Great find.

On a side note; I'd like to let you know that I purchased a Pioneer turntable from a friend over the weekend (50 bucks) so I am happy that I will be able to give a spin to many of my vinyls. I have already tested it listening to Melissa Manchester's "Hey Ricky" LP which although only "You should hear how she talkes about you" was a hit, there are another 4 or 5 great tracks on it.

Spencer said...

Congratulations on the turntable. I'm actually very excited for you. It's a wonderful thing to have around and it is great to listen to old records you haven't heard for years.

Glad to hear you appreciate Triumph as well. I'm still amazed by how under appreciated and how forgotten they are.

Some of their earilier work is good to in the prog rock sort of way. It's a little less accessible as far as an easy listen, but there is some interesting stuff there and their musicianship is pretty phenomenal.

Simply a great band.

Happy listening.