Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rusty Draper - Magic Circle/Muskrat Ramble 7" - 1950

Here is another person I knew nothing about before writing this post. Rusty Draper has a nice long bio on which tracks his career from the 20's up through his death in 2003.

In trying to research this record I found sheet music for this song and the website dated it as 1950. That is what I have dated the song, but in reading it appears that he didn't sign to Mercury until 1952. So somewhere someone is wrong and I have no idea who. I'm going with what I initially found and I'm probably wrong, because allmusic is usually pretty good.

Anyways Rusty Draper is categorized as a country singer with some crossover success. I would have never really guessed that from these sides. I don't hear much country in here at all. I just hear fun pop music. In fact I find these songs so fun and happy that I have listened to them many many times in the past couple weeks. The happiness is almost hypnotic the way walking down Disneyland's Mainstreet USA is hypnotic. It's pure Americana.


01 Magic Circle.m4a
02 Muskrat Ramble.m4a

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