Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spandau Ballet - Lifeline 12" - 1983

Probably like most people Spandau Ballet just means the classic single "True". That is what they meant to me forever. That song by the way seems to be one of those songs that people either love or hate. I'm on the love side of the argument. Anyways, in my record collecting I've had a chance to listen to some of their other releases. Here is a fun dance track from 1983. Very upbeat and very 80's. I don't remember this being a hit in the world I grew up in, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a hit amongst club goers or on some foreign charts. It is a pretty great track and here are 3 versions to choose from to add to your next 80's dance party.


01 Lifeline (Club Mix).mp3
02 Lifeline (Dub Version).mp3
03 Lifeline (Acapella).mp3

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