Monday, August 11, 2008

Richard Hayman - Havana in Hi-Fi - 1957

This record is good on all accounts. Great cover. Excellent condition as far as how it sounds. The music is top notch as well as far as easy listening music with a Latin flare goes. This is from 1957. The 50's were a great time for this big production easy listening records that were made to really show off your new stereo hi-fi. This of course is one of those records and as you can see has "hi-fi" in the title.

Richard Hayman does a great job here conducting and arranging. Richard Hayman is famous for conducting the Boston Pops for over 30 years.

Highlights are "Rhapsodero", "My Hopeful Heart", "Tropical Merengue" and "Love And The World Loves With You", at least those are my highlights.


01 Rhapsodero.m4a
02 My Hopeful Heart.m4a
03 Cordoba.m4a
04 Tropical Merengue.m4a
05 Maria-La-O.m4a
06 Caminito.m4a
07 La Comparsa.m4a
08 I Won't Stand In Your Way.m4a
09 Love And The World Loves With You.m4a

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