Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sir Mix-A-Lot - I'm A Trip - 1986

Long before Mix-A-Lot sang rapped about big butts he was putting out the jams in an old school fashion. His success in the mainstream I remember at the time being somewhat surrealistic, because I had been listening to and following him long before "Baby's Got Back" invaded the public consciousness in the spring of 1992.

Mix-A-Lot had a slightly different vibe than other rappers in the mid 80's. He wasn't East Coast and he wasn't quite West Coast. He was from Seattle, which I know is on the West Coast, but he didn't sound like Ice T or NWA. He wasn't doing the whole gangsta rap thing. The songs still hold up today as far as I am concerned. It is a testament to his rhyme writing abilities. "I'm a Trip" is of course the featured track here, but "Square Dance Rap" is also quite tasty.


01 I'm a Trip (Total Trip Mix).mp3
02 I'm A Trip (Radio Edit).mp3
03 Trippin in the Studio.mp3
04 Square Dance Rap (Power Mix).mp3
05 I Want To Freak.mp3
06 My Studio.mp3

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