Thursday, August 7, 2008

David Rose - The Stripper and Other Fun Songs For The Family - 1962

This record is great for many many reasons. The title is great. The jacket is great. The music is great. Who would have thought that that quintessential stripper music you hear in movies and TV shows was actually called "The Stripper". The other great thing about the record and that song in particular is that it was written by David Rose who wrote many a TV theme and the one I like to point out to people is of course the theme to Little House On The Prairie. I think that is a great piece of trivia, that the guy who wrote the music from the sweet wholesome Little House On The Prairie also wrote the most famous stripper song.

He also wrote "Holiday For Strings" which is one of the all time great easy listening atomic age lounge tunes. You'll find versions of that on many a lounge compilation.

The rest of the album isn't so stripper-esque ad the title would indicate. The other songs are "Other Fun Songs For The Family". I'm guessing by that title that all the songs except "The Stripper" were meant for family listening. "The Stripper" was reserved for mom and dad.

By the way David Rose did a follow up to the record called "More! More! More! Music Of The Stripper", which one day I hope to post as well.


01 The Stripper.m4a
02 Night Train.m4a
03 What Is This Thing Called Love_.m4a
04 Mood Indigo.m4a
05 Banned In Boston.m4a
06 St. James Infirmary.m4a
07 Soft Lights And Sweet Music.m4a
08 Black And Tan Fantasy.m4a
09 Harlem Nocturne.m4a
10 Sophisticated Lady.m4a
11 Blue Prelude.m4a
12 My Heart Belongs To Daddy.m4a


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