Saturday, September 20, 2008

Romeo Void - Benefactor - 1982

This album probably falls into that New Wave category, but is still has plenty of post punk attitude instilled in it. The classic "Never Say Never" is a great example of what I'm talking about. The attitude in the vocals are filled with punk rock F you attitude.

I also like "Ventilation" a lot. The opening random line grabs you with it's attitude. "Why don't you give up" she says. She doesn't need to say anymore and I'm interested. "Wrap It Up" is also pretty good. Like "Never Say Never" it has some nice sax accompaniment. "Chinatown", "Shake The Hands Of Time" and "S.O.S." Round out the list for my recommended songs. If you're a casual listening of 80's new wave you may know "Never Say Never", but these other songs will hopefully be new and ones that you will also be adding to your playlists.


01 Never Say Never.mp3
02 Wrap It Up.mp3
03 Flashflood.mp3
04 Undercover Kept.mp3
05 Ventilation.mp3
06 Chinatown.mp3
07 Orange.mp3
08 Shake The Hands Of Time.mp3
09 S.O.S..mp3


Matracas said...

I really loved what they did; at least what I had heard from them ("Never say never" & "A girl in trouble"). At times I asked myself why weren't they more popular and I think I know the answer...their record label. CBS wasn't very fond of "showing off" the lead singer since she was VERY over weight, If you look back at their music videos you will see that she is hardly ever seen in them (something that happend a lot with Ann Wilson from Heart) the shots were either from far away or just close ups to the face. It's a shame though, Romeo Void could have been greater (and the sax sounded great also).

Spencer said...

I didn't know that about the singer. Thanks for the insight. Yeah the sax is a great revelation as far as I'm concerned. Take care

lmccu1 said...

An excellent and underrated band - I didn't know about the vocalist eith... must have done a good job of hiding her.