Monday, October 6, 2008

Spencer's Halloween Mix 2007

To keep the Halloween theme going I thought I'd share my Halloween mix from last year with the world. This one is actually more of a play list and doesn't have any fancy mixing. Even without that, think it is a pretty good selection of Halloween songs and songs that kind of relate to the holiday. Some may be a stretch, but it makes for a fun listen.

Maybe some day I'll do a remix of this CD. Looking over the list I can see things that might have been better mashup up or edited. There are some instrumentals on here that could be really cool under some spoken word things. That's a project for another time. This year is just too busy.

As a little update on the behind the scenes hear, I thought I'd let you know that I just started pulling together songs for this year's Christmas/Holiday mix. Just listening through songs was getting me very excited. I can't wait to get them into garageband and start having some real fun. I'm hoping to have something done and ready to post by Thanksgiving or perhaps that weekend of Thanksgiving at the end of November. That way you'll have the mix for the month of December.

Anyways, that is it for now.


Here is the whole play list in one zip.
Spencer's Halloween Mix

Here are the individual tracks.
01 Ed Wood Main Titles (Edit).m4a
02 Trick Or Treat.m4a
03 My Dear Watson.m4a
04 Horrorshow.m4a
05 To Make A Witch Pockmarked.m4a
06 Suspiria (Narration).m4a
07 Angel Witch.m4a
08 Pass The Witch's Broomstick.m4a
09 Figments Park (Edit).m4a
10 Kill The Brain And You Kill The Ghoul.m4a
11 I Walked With A Zombie.m4a
12 Halloween Hootenanny.m4a
13 Surfin' Dead.m4a
14 Teenage Zombie Blues.m4a
15 Braineaters.m4a
16 Among The Dead.m4a
17 she's my witch.m4a
18 Lil' Red Riding Hood.m4a
19 The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power.m4a
20 evil.m4a
21 Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But....m4a
22 Braineater.m4a
23 At The Munsters.m4a
24 Casper, Casper (Whatcha Doin' On The Moon).m4a
25 Do The Rigormortis.m4a
26 Pacific Ghost Highway... (Intro).m4a
27 Dinner With Drac.m4a
28 Goblin Dance.m4a
29 Hillside Strangler.m4a
30 Blood Lust.m4a
31 Jack The Ripper.m4a
32 The Tell-Tale Heart.m4a
33 Popeye (The Gravedigger).m4a
34 I Dig You Baby.m4a
35 Halloween.m4a

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