Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Christmas Adventure In Disneyland - Repost

Another very popular post from last year is the "Christmas Adventure In Disneyland" record. Just in the last couple days I've had several requests for the "Jingle Bones" song that is on this record. While that track is a standout as being amazingly great, the whole record is fun for sure. Read last years post here.

If you are too lazy to even click on that link I'll recap the track listings here for you.

01 All Aboard For Disneyland
02 Disneyland At Last
03 The Storybook Tree
04 Fantasyland
05 Once Upon A Dream
06 Jingle Bones
07 Escaping The Witch
08 Frontierland
09 Adventureland
10 The Jungle Tree
11 Tomorrowland
12 The Futuristic Christmas Tree
13 Home At Last On Christmas Morning

And for the easy full album download here is a newly activated link. Will only be up a limited time again. A Christmas Adventure In


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