Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Redlands High School Choirs - Alleluia, Noel

I know a few posts earlier I said I wasn't a big fan of choir Christmas songs. I should clarify. I'm not a fan of more recent popular music that was meant for a solo voice being re-arranged for choir. Carols and old songs meant for choir are a different story. I'm far more forgiving. I like this record, because the arrangements are quite good and can get you into a real Christmas Spirit. Also I love that these are all High School kids. They really sound great.

This record also give me a good opportunity to spout off about one of my pet peeves this year. Listen to track 2 "The First Noel" and you will notice that they sing the lyric "they looked up" and pronounce "looked" with two syllables. This is how it should be. This is how it should be in my book because the song is a religious song. It is a carol. It is a hymn. It is sung like a hymn and anyone who has sung hymns before knows that often single syllable words are sung as two syllables for the sake of the song. What has driven me crazy this year is the number of times I've heard more recent interpretations of the song sung with one syllable. To me it is a sign that the artist has never sung a hymn and therefore (maybe even unfairly) I think they are not being genuine in singing the song. Funny how something so small can ruin a song for me. I'm such a music snob. Let me know if you have an opinion on the matter.


01 Alleluia Now Is The Christmas Morn.m4a
02 The First Noel.m4a
03 The Coventry Carol.m4a
04 The Birth.m4a
05 The Little Drummer Boy.m4a
06 Bell Song.m4a
07 Deck The Halls.m4a
08 Silent Night.m4a
09 O Come All Ye Faithful.m4a
10 Joy To The World.m4a
11 Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming.m4a
12 What Kind of Cradle Was That_.m4a
13 Crusader's Hymn.m4a
14 Angels We Have Heard On High.m4a
15 Christmas Is Just For Children.m4a
16 The Lord Bless You And Keep You.m4a

Redlands High School Choirs - Alleluia, Noel.zip

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