Friday, December 18, 2009

Frosty's Winter Wonderland - 1976

This was one of those Christmas specials that didn't play regularly when I was a kid. In fact I probably only saw it twice. To me it was a treat when it was on. I loved the story of Frosty getting married as a kid. I remember telling other kids about Frosty getting married as if it were a real event. It just added to Frosty's whole mythology and story. The best installment of Frosty's life is the one special where he and I think Crystal and their kids end up in a town when it is summer. Ben Franklin is in the story and the 4th of July (Independence Day) somehow works into the story. I can't remember which special that is. I think Rudolph may have been a part of it as well. It was an all star extravaganza. But back to this special and this record. This record is just a recording of the entire soundtrack to the tv special. I've made up my own track breaks, since there are no official ones. Hopefully they work for you.

Andy Griffith narrated this one and sings verses of Frosty throughout the show. This show brought new verses about Frosty and Crystal to the world. He also sings "Winter Wonderland" with someone else, but I don't know who the other voice is. This reminds me of one of the fun aspects of this special. They used elements of the song "Winter Wonderland" into the story of Frosty and Crystal. They get married by Parson Brown. The genius of this is that they made a song that wasn't about Frosty, now have to be about Frosty. I'm pretty sure that for a long time as a kid I thought "Winter Wonderland" was written for this show and specifically about Frosty and Crystal. Very clever. Hope this brings back lots of fond memories.


All the tracks in one zip.
Frosty's Winter

Or the whole thing as one big file.
Frosty's Winter Wonderland 1976.m4a

Or the tracks as I have broken them up.
01 Opening Credits.m4a
02 Kids Miss Frosty.m4a
03 Frosty Had To Hurry On His Way.m4a
04 Frosty Misses The Boys and Girls.m4a
05 Winter, The Only Season Of The Year.m4a
06 Jealous Jack Frost.m4a
07 Fastest Belly Whopper.m4a
08 Frosty Meets Jack.m4a
09 Eliminate The Hat.m4a
10 Sleigh Ride To The Skating Pond.m4a
11 Look At Frosty Skate.m4a
12 Jack Gets The Wrong Hat.m4a
13 Frosty Is Lonely.m4a
14 Building Crystal.m4a
15 A Horses Hat.m4a
16 Crystal Is Born.m4a
17 Frosty And Crystal.m4a
18 No More Frosty.m4a
19 Gonna Need A Preacher.m4a
20 Best Man.m4a
21 Winter Wonderland.m4a
22 Springtime.m4a
23 Down To The Village.m4a
24 The Traffic Cop.m4a
25 Goodbye.m4a
26 End Titles.m4a

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