Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goodyear - The Great Songs Of Christmas Volume 9

Back in the 60's there was a strange phenomenon where two tire companies were competing with each other and they did it through Christmas records. What was that all about. Firestone put out their yearly Christmas record and so Goodyear had to put out a yearly record as well. Maybe the order was revered, I'm not really sure. It is just funny to think about in hindsight. I mean really what else do you think of when thinking of Christmas, but automobile tires.

There were a lot of these records and similar to the Firestone records, the songs are hit and miss. My favorites are from the pop vocal talents. This record has some good tracks by Petula Clark, who I love. There are some by Connie Fancis who has a really good Christmas album as well. I think she does a great job with Christmas hymns. I find a sincerity in her singing. Lena Horne also is great. Her version of "Jingle Bells" really swings. All in all the females are the best thing about this installment.

Again I apologize for the quality of the songs. Some are really dirty and noisy. As you can see I don't even have the original jacket, which should give you an indication of condition of the record. Sure I have it in a jacket, but before I got it the record wasn't cared for and ended up in some other record sleeve. But still something it better than nothing. If nothing else you can sample the songs and see if this is one you want to pick up when you see it in a thrift store bin, and believe me you will see it is you look.


Good Year - Great Songs Of Christmas Album

01 The Happiest Christmas - Petula Clark.m4a
02 Secret Of Christmas - Bing Crosby.m4a
03 Twelve Says Of Christmas - Joan Sutherland.m4a
04 The First Noel - Connie Francis.m4a
05 Come All Ye Faithful, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Richard Kiley.m4a
06 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Good King Winceslas, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Lawrence Welk.m4a
07 In Dulci Jubilo - The London Symphony Orchestra and The Roger Wagner Chorale.m4a
08 O Holy Night - Mantovani.m4a
09 Silent Night, Holy Night - Petula Clark.m4a
10 Winter Wonderland - Lena Horne.m4a
11 Skater's Waltz - Mantovani.m4a
12 O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Connie Francis.m4a
13 Panis Angelicus - Richard Kiley.m4a
14 Jingle Bells - Lena Horne.m4a
15 O Sancissima - The London Symphony Orchestra and The Roger Wagner Chorale.m4a
16 A Christmas Tale For Children - Vladmir Horowitz.m4a
17 Ave Maria - Joan Sutherland.m4a


Theresa Miller said...

Thank you for posting this. I love this album and remember listening to it as a child. I have been looking for it for a long time!

Spencer said...

Hope the quality doesn't disappoint too much.

Theresa Miller said...

It's not disappointing at all. Thanks so much! That's an interesting story about the tire companies putting these out. I love Petula Clark too and Bing Crosby.

Mr.Forster said...

I have Album 7 and 8 - it is part of our Christmas tradition to play these records