Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Caroleer Singers - Frosty The Snowman

This record has a handful of really good tracks.
"Sing A Kris Kringle Jingle", "Wait For The Wagon On Christmas Day", "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" and "Frosty The Snowman" are all pretty stellar. "Wait For The Wagon" is amazingly great as far as I'm concerned. The parts and layers of the voices are great. I can't hear this track enough at the holidays. As a little side note, I swear this track is actually the exact same track on the Christmas album by Slim Boyd and the Rangehands. I posted that record last year, praising the song "Wagon On Christmas". You can read that post here and download that track to compare. If anyone has any info on the history of Slim Boyd or The Caroleer singers to help explain which came first or why the same recording was credited two different ways, I'd love to hear it. My suspicion is the Slim Boyd may have been a record label creation with session musicians and singers and that later that recording was just re-purposed for this Frosty The Snowman record. That is just a guess though.

The other thing I really like about this record is the artwork. I love this snowman.


The Caroleer Singers - Frosty The Snowman -

01 Sing A Kris Kringle Jingle.m4a
02 Up On The House Top.m4a
03 We Three Kings.m4a
04 Wait For The Wagon On Christmas Day.m4a
05 Joy To The World.m4a
06 Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.m4a
07 Nuttin' For Christmas.m4a
08 The Night Before Christmas.m4a
09 Frosty The Snowman.m4a
10 Oh Christmas Tree.m4a
11 Oh Holy Night.m4a
12 The First Noel.m4a



Miss Sherlock said...

Hi Spencer:

Many thanks for the Caroleers. Great and fantastic Christmas albums for the little ones and big kids.

Ron said...

I can finally say we had this record growing up!

Thank You !!

Neils said...

The Caroleers - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Do you have this or can you get it?
It has been thirty years since I heard this and would like to find someone who has it, whether it be MP#, FLAC, don't matter what format, I have a converter, just need the songs

Spencer said...

E-mail me and I'll send you a link.

JetSetTelevision said...

How nostalgic to hear this again! This was my favorite Chistmas album as a kid in the 60's. I first had the original Diplomat Caroleer album with the photograph of the little girl lighting the candles on the tree and later this Frosty cartoon cover which i still have. I was just getting ready to dig mine out and rip it and I found yours. Thanks!

Spencer said...

Glad I could save you some time. Enjoy the songs.

annette said...

hi! great to see this album again!!! How can I download it?

Spencer said...

E-mail me and I'll send you a link.