Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jose Melis - Christmas With Melis - 1958

This record, like yesterday is a lot of fun. Actually this record is funner. Lots of instrumentals featuring piano and organ. Also as fun as yesterday's record cover was with the two girls in the Santa outfits, this picture of Jose Melis is priceless. I love the glasses. Reminds me of Gary Busy playing Buddy Holly.

This one also falls into the category of wishing the record was a little cleaner. It is also a record I think you can find elsewhere and perhaps there are cleaner rips out there. You may not get all the cool artwork and the ID tags filled in so thoroughly, though. I do try to go the extra mile in providing all that stuff all of you.

A couple tracks to point out as highlights are "Toy Piano" which feature Melis playing a toy piano. Also "Merry Christmas Music" is nice because Jose sort of talk sings on it.


Jose Melis And His Orchestra - Christmas With Melis -

01 Sleigh Bells.m4a
02 Winter Wonderland.m4a
03 The Story Of Christmas.m4a
04 Jingle Bells.m4a
05 Toy Piano.m4a
06 Merry Christmas Music.m4a
07 Silent Night.m4a
08 Adeste Fidelis.m4a
09 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.m4a
10 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.m4a
11 Hark! The Herals Angels Sing.m4a
12 Oh! Little Town Of Bethlehem, Noel, Noel, Silent Night.m4a

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