Tuesday, December 8, 2009

P.K. And The Sound Explosion - Christmas Disco - 1977 - Repost

I just got a comment from a troubled reader who was frustrated with the fact that most of the links on this blog have been deactivated. That is something I am truly sorry about and wish I could keep things active longer, but I've found that this attracts problems. Anyways, this person was looking for this record that I posted last year with this post. So for DmRofAtoZ , I am reposting.

P.K. And The Sound Explosion.zip

I'm also going to post a link to another site that has digitized this record along with a bunch of other fun Christmas records. www.jeffco.ca.



DmRofAtoZ said...
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DmRofAtoZ said...

Oh fun !
We're conversing about it all on the old post & the re-post now ! . . heh-heh . . Ho-Ho . .
I thanked SAP on the original post already, and aside from a "re-thank" here, I'll add that I got all happy before even checking the content to see if I liked any of the tracks, and went ahead & cleaned up the album-cover image . . . which appear to have been rescued from a soggy gutter !
http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l125/DmRofAtoZ/ChristmasDisco.jpg < does that work ?
Also, the digitized batch of Holiday Treats you provided a link to ? . . . I'd poked around there previously, but don't see how to download. It seems to do no more then display or play.
What I am missing there ?
Thanks for everything !

DmRofAtoZ said...

Just quickly : I stumbled across how the jeffco downloads work. Twas a variation I don't see much but it works track-by-track, so don't go to any trouble explaining it all to me.
Thanks !