Monday, November 17, 2008

Cruise Control - No Condom, No Sex - 1988

Couldn't resist picking this record up when I saw it. I vaguely remember this track making some waves back in the day obviously for the subject matter. The album cover cracks me up. It is trying to be shocking and provocative with the condoms on the cover. I guess it kind of was at the time, but from a design stand point I think the layout is just poor.

The track itself is a fairly bland electron pop club song. I'm pretty sure record sales would have been entirely as a result of the novelty factor and not because someone thought this was an amazing dance track. Check it out and judge for yourself. There are plenty of versions to sample from.


01 No Condom, No Sex )(Let Reasong Govern Passion Mix).m4a
02 No Condom, No Sex (Rock Single Mix).m4a
03 No Condom, No Sex (Single Mix).m4a
04 No Condom, No Sex (Single Instrumental).m4a
05 No Condom, No Sex (Chamber Acappella).m4a

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