Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do You Wanna Shake

Took the skateboard into work today and made pretty good time. Hence the short playlist, but there are some good notables on here.

Home Again - Beach House from "Devotion"
Horror Show - The Libertines from "Up The Bracket"
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You - The Beatles from "A Hard Days Night"
Wax And Wane - Cocteau Twins from "Garlands"
Zombie Jamboree - King Flash and The Calypso Carnival
Superfly - Curtis Mayfield from "Superfly"
Always See your Face - Love from the "High Fidelity" soundtrack
Skin Divers - Duran Duran from "Red Carpet Massacre"
Do You Wanna Shake - Novo Combo from their self titled record

First off I'd like to point out that two songs from my Halloween mixes showed up today. "Horror Show" was on the 2007 mix and "Zombie Jamboree" was on this years mix.

Not sure if I've written about The Libertines before, but they were one of the great bands of the 21st century. If you have the chance pick up their records. I like to say they are a little bit of The Smiths with a little more rock and roll. Great British centric music.

Hadn't heard "Wax And Wane" for a while so that was a nice time. Love "Garlands" because it is definitely from a darker period of the Cocteau Twins. I like their latter dreamier less dark stuff as well, but I love Garlands. doesn't give it a very good review, but what do they know. It's raw and maybe not as refined as their latter work, but that is the appeal. I think I like it because it was the first record of theirs that I heard.

Love the Superfly.

Don't know much about the band Love and to be honest when it came up today I didn't much remember the song, but I have to say I really love it. I guess there is a reason I rated it high and it ended up on my ipod. You can read up on them on After writing this I'm going to do some reading myself.

Any regular reader should know I love Duran Duran and I'm also a fan of this latest record. Sure it may not be the old Duran Duran from the 80's, but it doesn't need to be. There has been much talk about bringing on all the modern producers and me I'm on the side of if it sounds good it sounds good. I think the end product is good and so I think the boys did the right thing. "Skin Divers" has a touch of early Duran Duran dark sexuality, but it also sounds modern. Well done.

Then as I walked to my office Novo Combo came on. This record was featured on the blog earlier this year. It is a fairly new record to the collection and so I don't know the record inside and out. What surprised me is that when this song came up I thought it sounded like some obscure Bon Scott era AC/DC song and was very surprised when I looked at the ipod to discover it was Novo Combo. I know think of this band differently. This is a real rock and roller of a number.

So there you go. Another handful of songs to think about, read about or listen to today. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow, but we'll see.


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