Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Novo Combo - Novo Combo - 1981

I have no memory of these guys from when I was a kid. This one I picked up as part of the new wave power pop purchase earlier this year. The album isn't too bad actually. Right off the bat the first track will conjure up thoughts of The Police circa "Zenyatta Mondatta".

Most of the other tracks on the record are pretty good. They also have that slight reggae/Police flavor to them. So if you are a fan of that sound then I think you'll like this record.

I don't know much more about the band. They don't even have a bio write up in allmusic. So if you know anything please chime in and fill me in.


01 Up Periscope.m4a
02 City Bound (_E_ Train).m4a
03 We Need Love.m4a
04 Long Road.m4a
05 Tattoo.m4a
06 Don't Do That.m4a
07 Sorry (For The Delay).m4a
08 Axis Will Turn.m4a
09 Light Of The World.m4a
10 Do You Wanna Shake.m4a
11 Hard To Say Goodbye.m4a

Novo Combo - Side
Novo Combo - Side


Matracas said...

Check this out:

Spencer said...

Very insightful. Who would have thought this little band had so many connections.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please post in lossless format.

Spencer said...

I hate to disappoint, but I don't really rip things in lossless format. I have my original aiff's which are backed up on CD's, but for the old harddrive I compress down to AAC or MP3. The AAC files are ripped at 320kbps which is pretty darn near great. I think you might be pretty happy with it if you give it a listen.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for this album for a few years, so please - send its to me in aiff format.

Spencer said...

I'm afraid, me tracking down my CD at this tie of the year is just not going to happen. And then uploading it on top of that, isn't going to happen either. The holidays are just too busy for me. Trust me the files that are there are really good quality. If you are still unsatisfied, hit me up in January or February when I may have a little spare time.


Anonymous said...

Ok, in January or February.