Friday, July 25, 2008

B. E. Taylor - Vitamin L 12" - 1983

This one falls into the category of "what the hell?" I don't know anything about B.E. Taylor, but after hearing this one I think I know why. Vitamin L is a perfectly weird song. It is from his 1983 release "Love Won The Fight". The song starts off with a sort of electro funk proto hip hop vibe, but then once the vocals kick in, it basically falls apart into silliness. The lyrics are just laughable and there is this big sort of rock chorus. You listen and all you can say is "what the hell?"

The other two tracks are generic rock songs complete with bad 80's synth rhythms. These sound like songs that would have ended up in one of the B teen sex comedies of the 80's. They are worth listening to, because it does show you that it isn't easy writing the pop rock songs of the 80's.

By the way "Just A Beat Away" sounds like a poor man's Journey or the 80's. Give it a listen and tell me I'm not right.


01 Vitamin L.mp3
02 Love Won The Fight.mp3
03 Just A Beat Away.mp3

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