Monday, July 7, 2008

Black Ivory - You're My Lover 12" - 1984

I've gleaned information about this record from a Leroy Burgess webpage. Not an official page, but one that gives his basic history. Leroy Burgess was one third of Black Ivory. The other two members were Stuart Bascombe, and Russell Patterson.

It appears that this song was originally recorded and released in 1975 for the Panoramic label. Then it was given the disco mix treatment and re-released in 1984. This is the only music I have from Black Ivory, but it sounds like they made their mark on soul music. Allmusic says that Black Ivory, were "an exceptional and occasionally brilliant soul group from Harlem". That's some high praise. Don't know if it is true, but this track is pretty decent.


01 You Are My Lover.mp3
02 You Are My Lover (Disco Mix).mp3

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