Friday, July 4, 2008

The Burbank Police Boys' Band Association presents the Seventeenth Anniversary Concert of the Burbank Police Boys' Band - 1970

Thought this one might be nice for the Fourth of July. It's not exactly patriotic, but marching band music does kind of intrinsically have a patriotic feel. Currently I reside in Burbank, California and so that is why I picked this one up. I figured it was a nice piece of history from my little town.

The band here is pretty good. I was really interested in the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" which turns out to be fun. "Spinning Wheel" though I think is my favorite one here.


01 Thunderer.m4a
02 Movie Medley.m4a
03 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.m4a
04 Northport.m4a
05 Mercy, Mercy.m4a
06 Spinning Wheel.m4a
07 British Eighth.m4a
08 Sonatina For Band.m4a
09 Triumphant Festival.m4a
10 Jack And The Beanstalk.m4a
11 South Rampart Street Parade.m4a

Burbank Police Boys'

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Anonymous said...

Man, this was about 2 months before I joined the band.