Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Flesh For Lulu - I Go Crazy 12" - 1987

Growing up I had friends that were fans of Flesh For Lulu. To be honest I really didn't know their work. I would assume they were cool because I respected my friends opinions. Later in life I found that they did this song from the "Some Kind Of Wonderful" soundtrack. It also turned up on their "Long Live The New Flesh" LP.

I began my research for this like I do most things by going to allmusic. I found it shocking and somewhat humorous that all they had written was the following.

"This British band
(1983-87) had a gloomy Gothic punk sound. "I Go Crazy" was a college radio hit."

Really? That's it? I found more written about Haysi Fantaysi which I would consider an obscure band, which Flesh For Lulu certainly is not. I also find it funny because, while the description of "Gothic punk" might be overall accurate, it in no way reflects the pop dance confection that is "I Go Crazy" the biggest hit.

So labels aside, I love this song. This has a longer dance mix version which just gives you time to enjoy the danceability of this song.


01 I Go Crazy (Dynamix).mp3
02 I Go Crazy (LP Version).mp3
03 I Go Crazy (Instrumental.mp3

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