Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Impacts - Wipeout - 1962

The big claim to fame for the Impacts is that Singer songwriter Merrell Fankhauser claims to have written the original "Wipe Out". he claims he originally wrote the song and the Surfaris ripped it off and made it a big hit. I listen to the two songs and while there are similarities, I think they are different enough. I like 'em both.

This is one of those great authentic surf rock records from the Del-Fi Label. Release in 1962 this was what the surfers were listening to. This wasn't the pop version of surf music made popular by Jan and Dean or The Beach Boys. This was Dick Dale influenced guitars and music that on it's own felt like surfing. The Saxophone work is quintessential surf. The cool factor of Southern California permeates every note of these songs.

So step into this time and space machine and transport yourself back to Malibu in 1962 with this artifact.


01 Steel Pier.mp3
02 Tandem.mp3
03 Sea Horse.mp3
04 Beep Beep.mp3
05 Lisa.mp3
06 Church Key.mp3
07 Wipe Out.mp3
08 Fort Lauderdale.mp3
09 Tears.mp3
10 Revellion.mp3
11 Blue Surf.mp3
12 Impact.mp3


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