Thursday, July 3, 2008

707 - 707 - 1980

I got this one as part of the big power pop purchase of 2008. This one however isn't so much power pop as it is straight ahead rock. Maybe even hard rock. I didn't know the name 707, but upon listening to the record I certainly remember the first track "I Could Be Good For You". I probably hadn't heard this song in over 25 years. I remember this getting quite a bit of play on the local rock station and loving this song. To be honest, the rest of the record is just so so. But I thought this worth posting because maybe there are others out there that remember this song and haven't heard it forever. I'm pretty sure it isn't in any regular rotation on and classic rock stations these days, but I think it could fit in well.


01 I Could Be Good For You.m4a
02 Let Me Live My Live.m4a
03 One Way Highway.m4a
04 Save Me.m4a
05 You Who Needs To Know.m4a
06 Slow Down.m4a
07 Feel This Way.m4a
08 Waste Of Time.m4a
09 Whole Lot Better.m4a

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