Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss Piggy's Aerobique Exercise Workout Album - 1982

Before even posting this I’ve had a good reaction to this record. I was playing a few tracks for someone at work and that person mentioned it to someone else. That person was very excited to hear the record because she listened to it as a little girl. It brought back from good memories for her.

I have no memory of this record. I just got it within the last year and I really only listened to it a few months ago when I digitized it. I’m hoping though that this posting will bring back good memories for other people out there.

The record is of course Frank Oz as Miss Piggy riding the wave of aerobatic records and videos from the 80’s. The twist here is more than just a muppet singing the songs. The extra twist is that it is Miss Piggy and all the exercises she sings about aren’t really exercises. They are more like things for lazy people and people who like to eat. Then add on to that Miss Piggy’s faux French and you’ve got a pretty fun record. Sure you’re not going to listen to this every day, but it will bring a smile to your face.


01 Stereau Warmup.m4a
02 Snackcercise.m4a
03 Lift The One You Love.m4a
04 Exercise Your Rights.m4a
05 Dream Dancin'.m4a
06 La Vie Aerobique.m4a
07 Sit Down.m4a
08 Breathe Easy.m4a
09 A Little Chin Music.m4a
10 Hairobiques Made Simple.m4a
11 Au Revoir.m4a



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Thanks much. I visited your blog, but I don't read Italian. The records on your blog looked interesting, but I couldn't figure out if you had links to download some of the tracks. I'd love to hear some of those records. For instance the Alessandra Casaccia - Le Mie Canzoni record looked good.