Thursday, July 10, 2008

20/20 - Look Out! - 1981

"Look Out!" was 20/20's follow up to their fantastic self titled debut. The album starts off with a bouncy pop bang with "Nuclear Boy". This one has gotten many plays in recent months since I got this record. I love the power pop flavor of it. I also love the nuclear theme. It's so very 80's. After three mile island I remember the idea of being in a nuclear world being ever present in my mind as a kid. Unlike the 50's where minds speculated about crazy monsters and mutations, by the 80's we knew that was all fiction. However we did know that the facts that hiding under a chair would never save you. There was no going back to a world without nuclear power or weapons and accidents are going to happen. It was only a matter of time. Wow, that was a detour in thought.

"Out Of My Head" has a nice "Lust For Life" bouncing rhythm at the beginning. "Strange Side Of Love" is a really good one. In fact one of my favorites. "Life In The U.S.A." is a good little rocker as well. Overall this second effort is just about as strong as their first. It's too bad these guys never really took off. But now you can hunt down these records in the used bin for 99 cents and enjoy them today.


01 Nuclear Boy 1.m4a
02 Out Of My Head 1.m4a
03 Strange Side Of Love 1.m4a
04 Alien 1.m4a
05 A Girl Like You 1.m4a
06 Life In The U.S.A. 1.m4a
07 The Night I Heard A Scream 1.m4a
08 Beat City 1.m4a
09 Mobile Unit 1.m4a
10 American Dream 1.m4a

20/20 - Look Out!.zip

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