Friday, July 18, 2008

Cameo - Word Up 12" - 1986

This is one of those songs that for a long time I couldn't listen to. In 1986 this song was so overplayed. It was used for a Coke commercial which really pushed out of the realm of cool into the world of cheese ball in my teenage world. I still can't think of this song without thinking of that Coke add. I tried to find it on youtube for this post, but ater some preliminary searches I couldn't find it. I didn't feel like digging too much deeper into it. Anyways, this record was obviously a DJ's copy. The jacket actually have to identical copies of the record. They both are well played and it looks like they were even used or some scratching. So the quality isn't great, but you can find this song on Itunes probably or any number of places. It's not exactly obscure.


01 Word Up (12").mp3
02 Word Up (7").mp3
03 Word Up (Instrumental).mp3
04 Urban Warrior.mp3


"N" said...

you seem to forget to post the links to the download!!!! fish...

Spencer said...

Just deactivated them. E-mail me if you need a hook up. I think you may have already done so.

Term Papers said...

hanks for this info; this issue has been bugging me like crazy for the last couple of days :)

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