Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - If You Leave 12" - 1986

Today's entry is going to have very little to do with the actual music I'm posting. This is the 12" single of OMD's "If You Leave" which is great. This is an extended remix and as far as remixes go this is a good one. I think that is because I just can't get enough of this song. The reason brings me to the subject I really want to talk about.

I think there are two groups of people when it comes to fans of John Hughes films. I think there are those who like "Pretty in Pink" and then there are those that like "Some Kind Of Wonderful". I don't think there is much crossover. I either here people say they love "Pretty in Pink" and don't like "Some Kind of Wonderful" or they think "Pretty In Pink" didn't get it right and "Some Kind of Wonderful" did.

Now before I go any further I know he did not direct these films, but there is still so much of him in the movies, that I consider them part of the canon.

As you might guess from the posting I fall on the side of loving "Pretty In Pink". For years I had never watched "Some Kind Of Wonderful" all the way through so I really couldn't say anything. I knew I loved "Pretty In Pink", but did think it was flawed. I always did and still think Andie should have wound up with Duckie. Blane is lame and that relationship probably ended after a few months. Her long term happiness had a better shot with Duckie. I'm still waiting for the day when I can see the release of the original ending of the movie where Andie and Duckie end up together. So as much as I loved this movie I knew that the ending had been changed and that I thought the movie was flawed.

Then I had heard that even John Hughes felt this way and "Some Kind Of Wonderful" was his answer to that. The movie has almost identical character dynamics, except in the end the main character chooses the best friend over the new pretty face. I think this is the very reason many people like this movie more than "Pretty In Pink" and you would think that I was one of those persons. However this last year I finally sat myself down to watch this film, hoping that it would be better. However it pales in comparison. Sure there are some good one liners, and the soundtrack is decent (Hughes trademarks), but the acting and the story just aren't that good. When it gets to the end and Eric Stoltz chooses Mary Stuart Masterson it literally comes out of nowhere. They never have the chemistry Andie and Duckie had. It was very disappointing.

I invite people to voice their opinions on the matter. Please.

I'm sure this argument will go on for years to come. All I know if that when I hear "If You Leave" I get chills. I think about that end dance. I think how much I love "Pretty in Pink" and I think how much I would have loved it more if Andie and Duckie got together and there wasn't that horrible reshoot with Duckie hooking up with some random girl. Ugh!

On a side note if anyone at Paramount is reading or if anyone knows somebody at Paramount, tell them that this movie should have a sequel. I think there would be a lot of people who would like to see Andie and Duckie today. I would love to see them all these years later after many failed relationships they are still friends and they finally realize they belong together. It could be a kind of "When Harry Met Sally" kind of thing. The great thing is that both Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer are back in the limelight succeeding on TV. They both still look great. They both are still working and part of pop culture. Someone please make this movie.

Until then we'll have to enjoy the DVD and the soundtrack.


01 If You Leave (Extended Version).mp3
02 La Femme Accident (Remixed Version).mp3

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