Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Golden Earring - Twilight Zone 12"

I loved this song as a kid. With this 12" you get the long and short version of the song. This song was really my introduction to Golden Earring. After this I went back to discover their hits from the 1970's. Hearing the two time periods I think these guys made a nice transition from a straight up rock band to a sort or 80's, MTV style band. They are pretty much still a rock band, but they've added little lazer type sounds in there to make them sound sort of new wavey.

This song was also famous for having a censored video. I remember seeing this video and when the naked girl walkes across the room the image was darkened. Not like with an obvious black box, but she was just darkened more to a silhouette. But thanks to youtube you can enjoy the uncensored version.

And after the video, you can check out these vinyl rips.


01 Twilight Zone (Long Version).mp3
02 Twilight Zone (Short Version).mp3

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Matracas said...

Twilight Zone was sort of an obscure hit here in Mexico; at least that's the way I remember it. I knew the album could be found all over at record stores and the title of the song poped up on many hit lists during that time period..but for some reason I did not tie the song to the title until years later (could be because of the video, Mexico would edit many videos for broadcast on national TV). I did remember this band due to the song "Radar Love" covered a few years later by White Lion.