Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wild Billy Childish & The Blackhands - Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr. Hitler/Chatham Jack - 1993

Gotta love Mr. Childish. Okay maybe you don't, but I certainly do. This record should catch a lot of people's attention just because the title has Hitler's name in it. That is sort of a lightning rod. The song has kind of a reggae beat to it, which seems a little different for Billy. At least it does to me. It also feels like a pub song.

"Chatham Jacks" has what sounds like an accordion in there. This one sounds like it has a little zydeco to it. I'm not an expert on zydeco, but that is was comes to mind with the accordion and the blues mixed together. It just sounds like it came from down on the Mississipi Delta.

I've never seen, Billy but I do hope to before I die. On a related note, I am extremely upset that Holly Golightly is going to be in LA next weekend at Spaceland when I'm out of town for Thanksgiving. UUUURRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I missed her the last time she came across the pond and now again. Hopefully one day the stars will align. By the way I bough her latest effort with the Brokeoffs called "Dirty Don't Hurt" a few weeks back. It also has a rootsy bluesy American flavor to it. A little different than some of the other records I have from her, but still very good.

Anyways, this may be the last "record" posting before we dive into the holidays so have have fun with it.


01 Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr. Hitler_.m4a
02 Chathams Jack.m4a


leibstandarte said...

Hi there

If you get time to re-upload this one would be great

Many thanks

Spencer said...

I've activated the link and will leave it up a couple days for you.


leibstandarte said...

Thanks for the Re-up Spencer

Quite interesting BC sings the cropped lyrics from the TV show Dads Army. The original song is longer (Wonder if he knows that) If he did he wouldnt of had to just repeat the 1st half of the original song twice in his version.