Tuesday, November 11, 2008

King Khan & BBQ @ The Echo 11.10.08

Last night I went and saw King Khan and BBQ Show. Opening for them was The Flash Express and The Duchess and The Duke. I had seen The Flash Express a few years ago and I must say they were even better last night. The Duchess and The Duke were fine as well. A little more mellow, but the songs were beautiful. The harmonies reminded me a little of The Raveonettes. The highlight was however King Khan and BBQ. My hopes were so high for this show and they surpassed my expectations. They sounded great. BBQ voice translated to live performances so well. In fact both of them sounded great. For the most part the crowd was great, singing along and dancing. I say for the most part because I was in front and the crowd did get a little crushy. In fact both my knees are black and blue this morning from being smashed against the stage. I took plenty of photos of the night. I must admit I was still playing around with my settings for The Flash Express and so the photos aren't all that great. By the end of the night I think I got some good shots of King Khan and BBQ. Here's the link to my Flickr page to check out all the evening's photos.


These two are of The Duchess and The Duke.

And here's some artsy shots of The Duke's guitar.


Oh, robot said...

I wanted to go so badly, but my job made me stay a little later than usual. Crap! You are a lucky one.

Is there any chance that you taped the show? Please say yes....

Spencer said...

Sorry I didn't tape it. I wasn't really supposed to have a camera in there. Every time I snapped a photo I got the stink eye from the security guards. I think they didn't do anything because at least I wasn't video taping and there were plenty of other problems for them to handle with people getting on stage and crowd surfing. I'm just happy I was able to get these shots without getting my camera taken or something. I saw Beck at the Echo once and they were pretty strict. They were shutting down people taking pictures with their phones even.

Anyways, hope you catch them next time they come around. They put on a great show.