Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kurtis Blow/Ralph MacDonald Split 7" - 1984

Admittedly I'm not much of a sports guy. I played soccer as a kid, but skateboarding was my real religion. I'm old and out of shape now, so I don't get on a ramp or session a street spot much anymore, but it is still my sport of choice. I however do appreciate other sports even if I don't really follow them. I don't watch basketball regularly, but when I'm at my parents house I will watch a game with them. Basketball is going non stop in their house all fall and winter. So for all you basketball fans here are a couple songs about Basketball.

Kurtis blow gives us an old school rap about basketball. And when I say old school I mean old school. This is the old style rap that had that distinct delivery that white people co-opted and did so poorly. The other track is by Ralph MacDonald is more of a disco number. You might remember him from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack where he contributed "Calypso Breakdown". Ralph was an accomplished percussionist and song writer. He co wrote the 1981 R&B hit "Just The Two Of Us". That song, sung by Bill Withers, can be found on Grover Washington Jr's jazz/R&B classic album "Winelight". Ralph is also a Grammy winner. Nice job Ralph.

Both of these songs feature lyrics that praise basketball players from the 70's. They are kind of a who's who grab bag of basketball. I recognize many of the names, but not all. I'm sue a basketball fan will. I'm hoping they also like hearing these two blasts from the past.


01 Basketball.m4a
02 (It's) The Game.m4a

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