Thursday, November 13, 2008


This morning is a short list, because I was listening to a podcast for most of my walk. So here goes.

Boyz-N-The-Hood - Eazy E
Drop - Ying Yang Twins
Detroit Rock City - Kiss
Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper

See? Short and sweet.

Gotta love that thumpin' bass of Easy E early in the morning. "Drop" is the kind of song that makes me wish I was young and still going out dancing in clubs. The ipod headphones are good, but that is the kind of song that when it is pumping through a club, rocking your body, you can't help but get your groove on.

"Detroit Rock City" made me chuckle a little this morning. This is the version from the album with the long intro of someone watching TV and then getting in their car and driving. The part that makes me laugh is that once in the car the car radio is turned on and the radio dial searches for music. It lands on Kiss singing "Rock and Roll All Nite". Kiss were such shameless whores that they even promoted their own music with in their own music. Shameless. But that is what made Kiss Kiss.

"Only Women Bleed" an oddly pretty song from the little boy Alice.

So all in all an okay way to start the day. Now I'm going to go back to listening to some King Khan and BBQ for the rest of the morning. Seriously if you haven't checked them out yet, do it now.


Scott said...

I discovered your files from David Rose's 'The Stripper and other...' today. What deep, deep joy you've brought to a corner of cold, dmap rainy London town this Sunday afternoon. God bless you.

Spencer said...

Wow, I think that is the nicest compliment I've gotten from anyone on this blog. Thank you very very much. Bringing joy is the whole point of this thing, so a big you're welcome from me to you.