Friday, November 28, 2008

SAP Music Christmas Mix 2008

The next month is going to be very exciting here, because of all the Christmas music I have to share and write about. There is so much, that I wasn't really sure where to put my annual Christmas mix, so I decided to just put it as a second post on this the first day of the season.

I've been doing Christmas mixes for years now, giving the CD's away. It seems like each year I make more. I think last year I made 75 discs that I gave away. Now I have this blog and an even easier way to share the wealth.

Like my Halloween mixes I start selecting songs the moment Christmas ends. I find new songs, I come across songs in my library that I think may work for the following year. By the time October rolls around I usually have more songs than will it on a CD. Such was the case again this year. This year I added in the extra flare of mixing the songs together in garageband. I didn't get as fancy as the Halloween mix because the songs aren't as conducive to overlapping and having sound effects running under them. Still I think I've created a nice flow and there are a few interesting tricks hear and there.

So what's on the mix this year? I'm not sure if I should say yet. I think maybe it would be fun to keep it a mystery for a while. Also that will limit the amount of people who find it to those who read this blog and not those who find the blog because they are searching for a particular Christmas song. Those people can find their music somewhere else. Also any copyright complainers should be kept away. So here's the mix or podcast or whatever you want to call it. If you really want a track listing let me know and I'll get one for you. I you want the tracks broken out, you can also burn this podcast to a CD and then rip it. The tracks will be separated out.

So have fun and Merry Christmas.

SAP Music Christmas Mix 2008.m4a

You can download a CD cover here.

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