Saturday, January 26, 2008

AC/DC - Girls Got Rhythm 7" EP - 1979

I don't think there is anything new I can say about this band or these songs that hasn't been said or written somewhere else. Sure this blog is about sharing new music, but it is also about sharing good music, so while you can find these songs on CD and many of you already own these songs I thought I'd share my rips from this 1979 EP. I figure people might also like to see the artwork as well. The B-Side songs are live. I think they are from "If You Want Blood You've Got It", but I haven't done the comparison yet to confirm that. Maybe someone out there can chime in with a confirmation.


01 Girls Got Rhythm.m4a
02 If You Want Blood (You've Got It).m4a
03 Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be.m4a
04 Rock 'N' Roll Damnation.m4a

Or the whole thing here.

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Felix said...

The live songs are as long as the ones on the If You Want Blood You've Got It album and they sound the same and Bon says the same thing in the beginning of Rock 'n' Roll Damnation on both this EP and on IYWBYGI, "woh, it's hot in hear", and after Rock 'n' Roll Damnation on the EP, you can hear that High Voltage starts to play, which is the song that comes after Rock 'n' Roll Damnation on IYWBYGI