Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jerry Lee Lewis - Big Legged Woman/Waiting For A Train 7"

Today's post is about setting the tone for this blog. After posting a couple harder rocking selections I thought I'd dip further into the past and into a couple other genres to establish early on that I plan on posting all sorts of different things. I'm hoping that I won't plan this out too far in advance and that I'll post things as they hit me. That may mean something that is perhaps weird or obscure or maybe completely main stream like Frank Sinatra. It may be punk or it may be country. It may be hip hop or it may be pop. I'm hoping that will keep it exciting to read and listen to.

So he's a little history on today's selection. I never was much for country music, until a few years ago when I was in one of the local thrift stores and I found what appeared to be a freshly dropped off country music collection. I bought about 70 country 7"s that day as a roll of the dice. They were from the 60's and 70's and since they were 30% off that dad it wasn't that much of a financial gamble. After listening to these older country records I found quite a few artists that I liked.

Well this record was part of that selection. Before hearing this I just knew Jerry Lee from the "hits". Well when I first heard his rendition of "Big Legged Woman" I was in love. Bluesy, raunchy and full of sex. I loved it. The B-side is an Jimmie Rodgers tune and of course a country song and the reason it was in amongst all of those country 45's. I have no idea exactly when this record was released, 70's I'd imagine. The record says each song is taken from a different record. "Big Legged Woman" is from "Rockin' Rhythm & Blues" 1969 and "Waiting For A Train" is from the 1970 LP "Ole Tyme Country Music" which according to all music guide is a selection of Sam Phillips demos.

So give it a listen and enjoy until my next post.

Download a zip file of both songs here.

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