Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lazy Cowgirls - Loretta/Hybrid Moments 7" 1989

This record makes me realize that I need to get me some more Lazy Cowgirls. I only have two records and a few songs I've downloaded off the net and all of them are good. This record, though is amazing. Sure it's covers and doesn't quite represent them in their purest form, but it shows how much they rock.

The selections are "Loretta" which is a Nervous Eaters cover. I'll be honest here. I don't know anything about the Nervous Eaters other than what I just read on Allmusic.com. I'm going to keep an eye out for them and try and hear what they are like. The second selection in "Hybrid Moments" from the Misfits, one of my favorite Misfits songs and the main reason I purchased this baby. The Lazy Cowgirls do the song right. I can even understand the lyrics. So get ready to rock your socks off.

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