Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lenny & Squiggy - Lenny & The Squigtones - 1980

Let's be honest, this posting is purely a record geek post. Sure the music and comedy is okay here, but the main reason for posting this record is because Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) from Spinal Tap plays guitar, clarinet and adds some background vocals. How awesomely geeky is that. Check out the photo from the inner record sleeve.

I first read about this record around a year ago and I quickly jumped onto the internet and onto some file sharing networks looking for the record, but I couldn't find it. So when I stumbled across the record I bought it without hesitation.

The songs are funny and the banter in between has a few chuckles. I don't know that you'll put this one on repeat, but it's worth at least one listen. You may however want to download the image of Nigel to use as your desktop image.

For more info read here.


01 Vamp On.m4a
02 Night After Night.m4a
03 Creature Without A Head (Intro).m4a
04 Creature Without A Head.m4a
05 King Of The Cars.m4a
06 Squiggy's Wedding Day (Intro).m4a
07 Squiggy's Wedding Day.m4a
08 Love Is A Terrible Thing.m4a
09 Babyland (For Eva Squigmann).m4a
10 (If Only I Had Listened To) Mama.m4a
11 So's Your Old Testament.m4a
12 Sister-In-Law.m4a
13 Honor Farm.m4a
14 Starcrossed.m4a
15 Only Women Cry.m4a
16 Foreign Legion Of Love.m4a
17 Vamp Off.m4a

Here's the whole record split into two Zip files.


leesa said...


I bought this album and never opened it because it looked so cool on my wall.

I LOVE their "Jolliest Fat Man" toon they performed on L&S (awful show... 'cept Lenny & Squiggy)... check YouTube for it... really fun and funny!

And of course Spinal Tap is amazing... I own too many versions... and I want the legendary 4 hour version!!!

So thanx so much for this... Now I can listen to it... hehe...


Deacon Jestant said...

So did McKean write the lyrics? That is my guess but I want to know the facts. I hoped to get it from the dust jacket. No.