Sunday, January 13, 2008

King - Love & Pride 12" (1984)

I wasn't really planning on posting this selection today. To be perfectly honest I had been wrestling with a couple different ideas. I even scanned the covers to get all prepped, but then this morning this hit me.

This song came back into my mind a couple days ago when someone mentioned this song at work and I said I'd bring it in for some others to hear. Then of course I forgot, so I wrote myself an e-mail to bring it in. Well, I read that e-mail this morning and thought this might be something nice to share. Now sure many of you know this song and you can go buy the King "Steps In Time" CD. It is pretty good by the way. Even the songs I didn't know are pretty good. Anyways, I figured even if you go buy that CD you'll get the original song and a "Body and Soul remix", but you won't get these two mixes from the 12". So here they are.

Now a little bit about the music. This song is so completely 80's dance. Full of synths and a great dance beat. It also is bright and sunny unlike many of the club hits today which have a darker feel to them. This one just makes you smile. At least it makes me smile.

Back in the 90's when I first got the King CD (before I had this 12") and when the 80's revival was in full swing I put this song on many a mixtape. It can really get a party started.

So put on your dancing shoes and get ready for these extra long cuts and dance.


01 Love & Pride (Extended M.mp3

02 Love & Pride (Dub Mix).mp3

Or get the whole 12" here.

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