Friday, January 25, 2008

John Anderson - Eye Of A Hurricane/Chicken Truck 7" - 1985

Again I cop to my ignorance right up front. I don't know much about country music. I'm still a rather new student to the whole genre. So when I saw this 45, the name John Anderson didn't mean a thing to me. I've since discovered he is a well respected very successful country artist. What I did see was that there was a song call "Chicken Truck". "Chicken Truck", how could I go wrong. Either the song was going to be a great little country number or the song was going to be so cheesy and lame that it would be great. The moment I saw it my mind started imagining what kind of CB radio "Convoy" derivative could be held in the grooves of this record. What I found wasn't really that. Sure it has it's roots in th trucking and CB craze of the 70's but the song is more of a straight ahead honky-tonk cooker. It has a great beat, some fine guitar work and is simply a fine country song. Now for some that is enough to just skip this entry all together. I get it. Country is definitely not for everyone. Ten years ago I wouldn't have given it a chance either.

The song is from John Anderson's second album and reached the top ten on the country Billboard charts. For more history on John Anderson read up on here and here.

"Eye Of A Hurricaine" is from the mid 80's and seems to be courting pop music more than country. It's an okay song, and is the reason for this record. I'm pretty sure that it was the single off the "Eye Of A Hurricaine" Record and "Chicken Truck" was added as a B-side because it was one of his hits. I could be wrong, but whatever the story the highlight to me is "Chicken Truck"

So put on some cowboy boots, fire up the big rig and crank up your radio to a little John Anderson.


01 Eye Of A Hurricaine.m4a
02 Chicken Truck.m4a

Both songs here.

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