Friday, January 18, 2008

Homer & Jethro - You Smell Like Turtles 7"

I don't know about you, but when I'm looking through a bin or records and I see a 45 with a song entitled "You Smell Like Turtles" you have to buy the record. Such was the story with this record. This was part of that big country records purchase I wrote about before and quickly because one of the favorites from that haul.

I first digitized this song some years ago when my son was younger and he and his friends thought it was hilarious. To be honest Homer & Jethro aren't exactly the most mature performers. This song introduced me to Homer and Jethro and since then I've picked up quite a few of their records. "Cornfucious Say" from 1964 features some particularly politically incorrect images and songs. That for sure will make an appearance here in the future.

Anyways "You Smell Like Turtles" is a fun song. It has silly lyrics that kids will like. The B-Side "Daddy Played First Base" is pretty good. It's about a family playing baseball together. I like the nod to Johnny Cash with the Chorus:

Daddy played first base
Mommy played second
Brother and Sister were the catcher and the pitcher
Shortstop was a good old boy names Sue

So if you like going to the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland and catching Bill Bill and the Hillbillies, I think you'll enjoy the comedy stylings of Homer and Jethro. Here's little video of Bill Hill as a bonus.


01 You Smell Like Turtles.mp3
02 Daddy Played First Base.mp3

Or both together here.

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