Monday, January 7, 2008

Henry Rollins & The Hard-Ons - Let There Be Rock 7"

At thanksgiving I was visiting my family in Gilbert AZ. I had some time to kill one afternoon and so my wife and I decided we'd go to some local record stores. I was looking for the latest Black Lips 7". The store we found didn't really carry new releases, but they had a decent selection of older records. I thumbed through their 7" bins and found a few gems. over the Christmas Holiday I digitized them and did some scans. That work is being paid of with this post.

Now I'm no expert like some other people who can tell you about when some record was released and how may were printed and all that stuff. I'm not that knowledgeable. I've done some basic research on the internet and found this info on FLEX.


Henry Rollins and the Hard-Ons

let there be rock / carry me down 7"/12"/10"/double 10"

(7":) c/z records. / 2 tracks / 1991

UK (12"): vinyl solution. vs 30 / 2 tracks / 1991

AUS (10"): waterfront (??). / 1991

4000 made of the 7" version on C/Z, 500 on colored vinyl. Limited Aussie 10" version, same tracks as on 12", some on colored vinyl. Limited Aussie double 10" version, second 10" contains Rollins Sub Pop 7" (I know you / earache my eye), some on colored vinyl."

I don't know much about the history of this collaboration, but whatever the circumstances the results are great. The AC/DC cover rips and the B side is pretty great as well.


Download Zip file here.

Also enjoy this video. I hope I do this right.


edthomas said...

...and I honestly thought it started with "Black Flag" and ended with the "Henry Rollins Band".

Thanks to Spencer for keeping me up to date!

Audio File said...

Thanks for posting this!

My record has a little skip in it, and this means I don't have to convert it!

Spencer said...

Happy to help out.