Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Redux - Jacky Ward & Reba McEntire - Three Sheets To The Wind/I'd Really Love To See You Tonight 7" (redux 10.27.08)

If you asked me to name or identify a single Reba McEntire song I'm afraid I couldn't do so (except these two songs). That's a sad state of affairs given the fact that she is one of the biggest and most successful recording artists ever.

I can tell you that essentially that her success started with this release. Allmusic had this to say.

"Two and a half years into her recording career, with very little to show for it, McEntire was paired with labelmate Jacky Ward for the two-sided single "Three Sheets in the Wind"/"I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" (the B-side a cover of the pop hit by England Dan & John Ford Coley), which reached number 20 in July 1978."

"Three Sheets In The Wind" is a catchy old country number treading familiar ground, drinking and sad stories. The title is was attracted me to buying this in the first place. I have a soft spot for songs about drinking and country songs about drinking many times rank on the top of my list. There's just something about the genre that really lends itself to the subject.

Even though i bought the record in hopes that "Three Sheets In The Wind" would be good, what I found was that I really loved the B-Side "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight". I didn't know the title, but once I heard the song I was like, "I know that song". It's really a nice pop song. And this treatment is definitely more pop than country.

Both of these songs have shown me a glimpse into Reba's appeal. I'm sure I'll check out more of her work in the future based on just these two songs. Maybe you will too.


01 Three Sheets In The Wind.m4a
02 I'd Really Love To See You Tonight.m4a

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