Monday, January 21, 2008

The Mono Men - Hexed 7" - 1995

I'll be honest, I'm new to The Mono Men. I think I had come across their name in reading and such, but I had never head them. Then one day I was in a record store that had a couple of their record. The record store also was great because it had a turntable where you could sample the records before purchasing. Well, like I said I kind of knew the name and so I pulled a few of their records on my initial rummaging through the record boxes.
Well, each one I spun was pretty great, so ended up buying two Mono Men 7"'s and one 7" comp. with The Mono Men on the A-side.

I'm sharing this one from 1995 first because I think it is the best on and second because it has the best cover. It's hard to beat a cover with a girl dressed in a devil costume. I might have bought the record just for the cover had I not been able to listen to the songs.
The songs are great. "Hexed" blazes and oozes with Rock N Roll swagger from the very first note to the last. It also has a nice tie in to Halloween and will certainly be making an appearance on my Halloween Mix this year.

"Skin and Bones '65" is also pretty strong. It doesn't tear the place down like "Hexed", but it has a nice raw Stonesy garage feel to it that will keep you humming along. So if yesterday's post (Pat Boone) didn't do it for you and put you to sleep, this should wake you right up.



Anonymous said...

No kidding. The second I saw the devil-costumed girl, I knew you would have to have it, too. It's so cliche and she's good looking, but not the typical model, and the costume fits a bit loose like her manager picked it up at the thrift store just before the shoot- such a great visual combination that if it was intentional, it could have never looked this "good"!

Spencer said...

You put it much better than I ever could have hoped to. Very keen observation about her not being normal model material. You hit the nail on the head there.