Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please, Please, Please, Ferris Bueller Let Me Get What I Want

Today's entry is a small one. One song really.

I believe my quest for this song began after listening to a podcast called Stuck in the 80's. I highly recommend it. If I remember correctly one episode was dedicated to the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and in that podcast the hosts talked about the fact that there was never an official soundtrack released for the film and that the Dream Academy's instrumental version of the Smith's
"Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" has never been released anywhere. Actually they didn't specify the instrumental and just said the song had never been released. Coincidentally at the time I was putting together a mix for some coworkers of music I thought might be new and interesting for them and so I decided this might be a nice little gem for someone to have. So I put the DVD in my computer and just digitized the music from the museum scene in the movie. It was great because there is only the music. No ambient noise or sound FX. It is that rip that I am sharing with you today.

I have since learned and found on the internet that Dream Academy did release a version of this song with lyrics on some b-side to a 12 inch or something like that. You should be able to find it on e-bay of your file sharing program/network of choice.

My thoughts on the actual song are that it is magic. The original is one of the great songs from the 80's and this version used in "Ferris Bueller" just sums up a lot of feelings I have growing up in the 80's in a suburb of Chicago. I have fond memories of day trips into the city and going to museums or walking the streets and awe of how beautiful the city is. In fact many of those trips where with my high school sweetheart who is now my wife. That should give you context for how special those memories are to me.

The image that immediately comes to mind and brings a smile to my face every time is the scene where Ferris, and Sloan insert themselves into the line of elementary school kids holding hands. Pure innocence and joy.

Download, relax and have a nearly 2 minute blissful listen here.

The album tag on the file is not name's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", but has the name of the mix from which I took this. I'll probably share some other songs from that mix as well in the future.



Anonymous said...

That is such a pretty tune. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I like "Life in a Nothern Town" and "The Edge of Forever", too

Spencer said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the tune. I'm also thrilled you even posted a comment. You are the first. Hurray!!!!

Audio File said...

I realize I'm buzzing your blog a lot tonight, but I also grew up in a suburb of Chicago in the 80's. (although, I'm guessing about 5 years later than you).

Spencer said...

I have another reader who posts quite regularly who grew up in Chicago. You'll see comments by Matracas, who now lives in Mexico.

Glad to hear that you're "buzzing" the blog. It's always great when I know people are reading and enjoying the music I'm sharing.

What suburb did you live in. I grew up in Palatine?

Hope to hear more from you and would love any thoughts you have on the various things I've posted. let me know if there are any genres or artists you'd like posted. Who know, maybe I have something. No guarantees of course.

wrong said...

here's a link to the instrumental:

it's the b-side on the please 12".

i've been twice now to the art institute to look at seurat painting while listening to this.

one of my favourite scenes in any movie ever.

Spencer said...

Thank you so much for this. It was always hard for me to believe that this instrumental had never been released.

I will cherish this.

I haven't been to the Chicago Art institute for years and years. I think I may go there this summer and I'm going to follow your lead and put this on my ipod when I go.

Thanks again.

Audio File said...

I grew up in Vernon Hills. I just turned 34.

Spencer said...

I grew up in Palatine. I'm just few years older. I'm 37.

I was just at the Art Institute Monday and I followed you suggestion and listened to this song and I looked at the impressionist paintings. I just put it on repeat and must have listened about 15 times in a row.

starlite said...

Thank you so much! I just saw this painting with my own eyes. Coupled with this song, I am left ........speechless. If a thing of beauty is a joy forever, how long can a beautiful couple endure?

Spencer said...

You're very welcome.